Daily Check-In with Ms Monica
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How are you feeling? Answer in the box under this picture.
1. How are you feeling? You can also have more than 1 feeling! *
Sentence starter: I'm feeling ____ because... OR I'm in the ____ zone because...
2. Need to tell me anything else? What can I help you with? *
Check as many as you need
If you're feeling negative, try doing some of these things!
- Move your body: Jumping, stretching, bouncing, swinging, push-ups
- Connect with your breath: slowly breathing to 10
- Name five things you are grateful for <3
- Take a short walk outside (if it’s safe)
- Hold something in your hands and focus on the color or texture
- Eat a piece of candy and choose three words that describe its taste
- Name five different things you can see around the room
- Put on relaxing, soft, positive music
- Drink water
- Have a snack
- Get more sleep / Take a nap
- Watch a funny video
- Talk to a trusted adult or friend
- Doodle /journal about your feelings
- Crumple up some paper and toss it in the trash/recycling
- Repeat kind phrases to yourself:
- “I'm having a rough time, but I will make it through.”
- “I'm doing your best and I can get better.”
- "This is hard but I can do this. I have the help I need."
Thank you for filling this out! I love you and please take care of yourself. I will follow up with you later today based on your responses and I hope you have a great day! Text me if you need anything (919-641-4123)
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