Make NYC a Mayor's City of Peace
Dear Mayor DeBlasio:

Mayors for Peace is a movement of cities world-wide for total abolition of nuclear weapons, first proposed in 1982 by the then-mayor of Hiroshima, Japan, Takeshi Araki. We would like you, as Mayor of New York City, to join Mayors for Peace as a small step in indicating the urgency of this issue and the commitment of New York City to achieving peace and a safe future for ourselves and future generations.

Mayors for Peace now includes more than 6600 cities in 160 countries, including half of all capital cities and all capital cities of nuclear powers except Washington DC and Islamabad. 203 are in the United States, including Boston, Hartford, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco. More information is available at the Mayors for Peace website (

As a New York City resident and voter, I urge you to take the opportunity for a leadership role on one of the most urgent issues of our times!

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