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i.Invest Young Innovators Workshops - New Orleans @ Microsoft - Lakeside Mall
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1. The Sponsor, when making application to participate, accepts and agrees to comply with the conditions of this contract governing the conduct of and participation in this event. Sponsor further agrees that this contract is binding on all parties and can be amended only in writing by both parties hereto. 2. The Sponsor is responsible for issuing payment within 30 days of agreeing to the terms of this contract. 3. PR Solutions LLC and i.Invest assumes responsibility for adhering to the terms of the sponsorship in a timely manner. 4. Funds collected are to be used for the administration of the competition. 5. Neither PR Solutions LLC or i.Invest assumes responsibility or liability for any theft, damage or loss by any cause of property to the Sponsor, his/her agents, or employees, nor for any injury that may occur to the Sponsor, his/her agents or employees. 6. Sponsor agrees to hold PR Solutions LLC and i.Invest harmless, and to reimburse the same for any judgments, settlements, costs or other expenses (including legal fees) to which it may be subject, for any injury, damage, loss, or harm resulting or occurring to anyone (including, but not limited to, visitors) which may result directly or indirectly from or in connection with Sponsor by the Sponsor, its employees or representatives. 7. Pre-event advertising and promotion is at the discretion of PR Solutions and i.Invest. 8. PR Solutions LLC and i.Invest do not approve, endorse or recommend the use of any specific commercial product or services. The Sponsor may not, therefore, imply either verbally or in printed literature, that his/her products or services are approved, endorsed, or recommended by PR Solutions or i.Invest by virtue of this contract to Sponsor. 9. Sponsor will be liable for ANY collection expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees and credit card fees associated with charge backs. 10. PR Solutions and i.Invest will coordinate all of the administrative, purchasing of materials, and other details dealing with the Sponsor item that is contracted. 11. Access to the i.Invest database of company is to be held in strict confidence. Information in the database is considered the intellectual property of our youth entrepreneurs.
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