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*Please note that this form is only for direct bookings. If you booked through another agency then please direct your refund request to them directly.

Wish to cancel your reservation?

Please confirm that you have read our cancellation policy thoroughly and are aware of the cancellation fees that may apply. Please note that for all bookings of day tours operated by Arctic Adventures and/or any of Arctic Adventures sub-brands a minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation is required for a full refund. If cancellations are made after these time limits have passed no refund is unfortunately given. For the 24-hour policy to be applicable cancellations need to be made and delivered to Arctic Adventures through the My Adventures portal ( The 24-hour policy does not honor cancellation requests sent through other channels.

If you're unable to cancel your tour through the My Adventures portal, the cancellation request must be written and sent via email with more than a 24 hour notice from the tour departure.

Our full cancellation policy can be found by clicking the following link:

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If your refund request reason is related to a cancellation of a reservation due to unforeseeable circumstances and you wish to receive a cancellation disclaimer for your reservation which you can then provide your travel insurance company with then please choose the "other" option here below and fill in the reason you wish the disclaimer to state (For example: due to being unwell, due to an accident, car troubles or flight delays). Please note that as mentioned in or Cancellation policy the above mentioned reasons are something that Arctic Adventures and its sub-brands have no control over. Cancellations made due to these reasons due therefore not entitle you to a refund from Arctic Adventures. If you are cancelling a part of your reservation, such as changing the number of participants then please choose the "other option" here below and confirm the changes you wish to make to your reservation in writing.
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