Puppet Workshop Intake Form
Thanks for your interest in a puppetry workshop. We receive many requests from people looking for a wide range of workshops. Please take a minute to give us a little information so we can better understand your specific needs and interests.
What aspect of puppetry are you most interested in learning? (Check any that apply)
What form of puppetry are you interested in learning about? (Check any that apply)
What's your ideal duration of puppet workshop?
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Please provide details about the duration (your preferred session length, number of visits, etc).
What is the time range you are looking for (is there a specific time of day, day of the week, or month that you are interested in)?
What is the age range of the workshop participants? (You may check as many as apply).
How many students do you anticipate attending the/ each session? If applicable, include the grade level for each group.
Where will the workshop be held? (Do you have a specific address or general location you would like us to visit? Do you need a recommendation for a space?)
Do you have an estimated budget for this workshop?
Please list any other information you'd like us to know here. Thank you for your interest!
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