Ultimate Frisbee - Fall 2017 IM League Survey
IM League games are Monday and Tuesday nights, 10pm-12:00am on Cromwell Field, starting the week of September 11th! It will go on for 4 weeks (until October 3rd). The fee for IM League is $20, and will be collected on your first day - in exchange, you get some sweet t-shirts and a fantastic experience (ultimate and a party!). If you choose to play both days, you only have to pay once. You will receive an email from your captains with further instructions a couple days before IM league starts, including how to fill out your online waiver. Deadline to respond is Wednesday, 9/6 @ 11:59PM. See you there!
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What year are you?
What night(s) would you prefer to play?
How tall are you?
feet' inches", (ex 5'10")
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How would you rate yourself overall?
be honest! any amount of experience is welcome
Have you played competitively? If so, how many years?
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How fast are you?
1 - slow, 5 - fast
How is your backhand?
How is your forehand?
Also called a flick
Do you have a Trojan meal plan?
T Shirt Size?
Do you prefer Jello or Gatorade?
Choose wisely.
Requested teammate?
If you know someone who's also playing, feel free to put them here - make sure they also put you.
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