The French and Indian War Begins Submission
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1. Using the map above, which of the following nations held colonies in North American in 1754? *
2. What is the major difference between the map of North America in 1754 and 1763? What had changed? *
3. Which of the following events caused the map of North America to change between 1754 and 1763? *
5. In 1754, Both England and France wanted to control which of the rivers below? *
6. The French build a series of ____________ to defend their claim of the river above. *
7. Which famous American was sent to ask the French to leave their claims? *
8. George Washington built which of the following forts near the Ohio River? *
9. The Ohio River begins in which location below? *
10. For which reason did England and France go to war in 1754? *
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