Library Orientation Activity (Session 1)
Each student will work through Section 1 of this activity independently. Use the Monash University Library website to help you answer the questions ( Section 2 will require you to engage with the collection to find a text book on a reading list.

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Monash Library homepage
Name the 3 branch libraries at the Clayton Campus *
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What time is the Law Library open until on Friday? *
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Printing in the library
Good news! The University has rolled out a new print system, which is available across all Monash campuses. You can add money to your account online and print, even if you've left your student ID at home. For more information go to:
True or False: Money that you add to your student M-pass card can be used to print at any library on campus. *
True or False: You can print from your own device in the library. *
True or False: You can bring food items into the library as long as it is not messy or smelly food. *
True or False: Monash English Bridging students can attend drop-in sessions with a Librarian. *
Choose the library resources that are available to you online. Tick all that apply. *
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