Improve LGBTQ+ Sexual Assault Survivors’ Access to Services by Participating in a Listening Session
The Victim Rights Law Center is working to identify and address barriers LGBTQ+ sexual assault survivors face when attempting to access victim services in Oregon.

To accomplish this, we believe it is essential to listen to and learn from survivors and others in Oregon LGBTQ communities. To that end, we are inviting LGBTQ+ survivors along with their friends, family members, and allies to participate in a series of small group “listening sessions.”

We’ll take what we’ve learned in the listening sessions to identify what steps providers can take to better welcome and serve LGBTQ+ survivors. The listening sessions should last about 2 hours and eligible participants will receive a $40 stipend in exchange for their time.

Participants will not be asked to identify themselves as survivors during the listening sessions, and the conversations will focus on barriers to service rather than circumstances or details of a sexual assault. Nevertheless, because we have no way of knowing the mandatory reporting obligations of everyone in the room, we are limiting participation to folks age 18 and older.

(Please note that filling out this form does not create an attorney-client relationship and we cannot give you legal advice based on information you enter here. If you would like to request legal services, please call our intake line 503-274-5477 x6.)

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These sessions will provide an opportunity for survivors and other community members to tell us about barriers to accessing services. We'll ask questions about how folks decide whether or not to contact a specific provider, what sorts of things make them feel safe and welcome once they do make contact, and how they decide whether or not to go back.

Because of the nature of these conversations, we are limiting each session to 10 participants. In the event that we have more sign-ups than space, we will look into holding additional sessions.

Note: This session is exclusively for survivors and community members. We will be holding separate sessions for advocates and other victim service providers. For more information on sessions for advocates and VSPs, please contact Mary at

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We are committed to ensuring access to the listening sessions for people with disabilities, people who are Deaf, and people who speak languages other than English. We have selected accessible meeting locations and will do our best to provide a low-scent environment. Every effort will be made to meet advance requests for accommodations; on-site requests cannot be guaranteed.
Please indicate any accommodations you require from the list below. If you require something that is not listed, please select "Other" and provide us with specific information about your request in the comments box.
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We are asking the following questions in recognition of the ways race, gender, trans status, and sexual orientation all impact access to services. To best assess the barriers faced by LGBTQ+ survivors, we believe it is important name and address the ways that structural, institutional, and individual racism, sexism, transphobia, and homophobia intersect--and to center the experiences of the most marginalized among us.

For each of the questions below, please feel free to check any or all that apply, use the "Other" option to self-describe, or to decline to answer.

All responses to the questions below will be aggregated and recorded separately from your individually identifying information. In other words, we will not share your specific demographic responses outside of the VRLC.

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