Tennessee Bandmasters Association Covid-19 Questionnaire
Greetings Bandmasters,

Please take just a moment and complete the informational survey on the effects of the pandemic on your program and the future of music in our schools. In this time of uncertainty, TBA is compiling data in order to consolidate efforts to best maintain our local musical programs as we move out of the pandemic. Your information will not be individually shared, rather it will be grouped by region, grade-level and collectively to indicate trends in hope of foreseeing upcoming limitations and mandates of gathering size, classroom size, scheduling and permissible activities. Planning and proactivity will be vital to our collective successes and accurate information is crucial to this process.

Summarized information will be shared with you via the tennesseebandmasters.org website.

Together we will not only provide healthy environments for our students, but too meet their emotional needs as we are all so distanced. Music matters and our activities are paramount in the development of the whole student.
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What is the current “back to school” status, schedule or regulation for your school district? *
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What have been your best tools for student communication? *
What means are you utilizing to communicate with colleagues? *
What plans have you made that are modifications of your normal activities? Changes, Cancellations, Postponements, Health-Safety etc. *
Has there been a reduction in staffing at your school, arts-related or academic? *
If you answered Yes, what staffing reductions have been made?
Has your Budget been altered as a result of mandates and potential restrictions? *
If you answered Yes, what budget alterations have been made?
How are you addressing Recruitment and Retention of your students? *
What can TBA do to assist you? Information. Resources. Support. Advocacy. *
What suggestions might you have to share with other Bandmasters? *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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