Warren Peace Café Application for Employment
Warren Peace Café is an ode to the unique marriage between wartime miner and peace loving hippie that is Bisbee, AZ. Our menu is a love letter to the city we adore, and we designed the café to be a place that invites the community to celebrate our diversity and differences (and quirkiness) over fantastic food and delicious brews. We are looking for happy, hard working, energetic, and responsible team members to join us here at Warren Peace Café, where “We Yum in Peace!” If you would like to email us a resume in addition to filling out this application form, please send it to info@warrenpeacecafe.com
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We anticipate employees, including preparation and cleaning, will be needed as early as 6 a.m. and as late as 3 p.m. for normal café hours. Please indicate any times you have consistent conflicts:
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Warren Peace Café will host special evening events. Would you be able to work an evening shift from time to time to accommodate these events?
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