BankX Community Incentive
Get 5,000 X-Points (which will be converted to BankX Tokens 1:1 later) for joining our Discord, Telegram, YouTube, Twitter and signing up for our Referral Program ( ). You must join/subscribe/follow all of them to get the reward. We are looking for people who are passionate about BankX and will help to bring market awareness. This will be things like getting more X-Points for referring people to the website or marketing programs where you earn more X-Points.

THIS REWARD IS FOR THE FIRST 1,000 PEOPLE THAT JOIN OUR DISCORD, TELEGRAM, YOUTUBE, TWITCH, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM AND OUR REFERRAL PROGRAM. YOU MUST JOIN ALL. Conversion from X-Points to BankX Tokens will happen at the end of the "Sacrifice Phase". Information about the Sacrifice Phase can be found at We will check that you are still a member of all groups before the 5,000 X-Points are converted to BankX Tokens.

Please stay active in our Discord and Telegram groups (and the referral program) as we will frequently announce ways you can get more X-Points. ALWAYS USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS WITH BANKX FORMS. IT IS HOW WE KEEP THE TOTAL AMOUNT OF X-POINTS FOR YOU.
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