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At SK2 we believe that relationships should come first. Our design process gives us the perfect opportunity to get to know each other. Please try to enjoy this process. There are no dumb questions, there are no wrong answers. We're here to help and make sure you enjoy this process.

One small piece of advice that we'd like to offer before you get started - please don't consult with too many people (friends & family) about your build. Everyone will have a different opinion and you will end up confused & frustrated. We've found that clients that do this often end up discouraged.
This is YOUR home! You will pay the mortgage. You will wake up & fall asleep there, the decisions should ultimately be yours!!

If you are ready to get your design process started, please fill out the following form. We are more than happy to consult via phone also. 1-888-463-8755 extension 1 (Kevin). Kevin can also be reached at

Preliminary design includes main floor plan, exterior elevations (front, back, left, right views) & 3D renderings of the home (interior & exterior).

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call, or email Kevin!

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How many people will live in your home? What age/gender are they? Do you have kids, or plan to have kids? Pets? (This may seem personal, but providing names/ages/genders gives us a better idea about what your family needs are, and helps us make better recommendations). *
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Is your build rural (country) or in town? *
What style of home do you prefer? *
Would you like an attached garage? *
If you would like an attached garage, would the garage be on the front of the home, or on the side of the home?
How big would you like your home to be on the main floor (square feet)? *
Our homes require a foundation - what type of foundation would you like? *
How many bedrooms do you require? *
How many bathrooms do you require? *
Kitchen preferences - there are many different kitchen configurations available and nearly every kitchen is different. Below are 3 main types - these are just a starting point! Does this room have flat ceilings? Vaulted ceilings? Raised ceilings (higher than 8')? *
Dining room details - how many people does your table seat? Do you need room for extra seating at family gatherings? Do you need a door that leads out to a deck? How big should the window or windows be? Does this room have flat ceilings? Vaulted ceilings? Raised ceilings (higher than 8')? *
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Living room details - please tell us about what you envision in the living room. Is the TV here or in the basement? Do you see a fireplace in this room? Entertainment center? How big are your couches? Do you need a door that leads out to a deck? How big do the window or windows need to be? Does this room have flat ceilings? Vaulted ceilings? Raised ceilings (higher than 8')? *
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Would you like laundry facilities on the main floor? *
Do you own the property where you intend to build? *
What size is the property? (include dimensions if possible) *
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Where is the property located? (include directions, or section/township/range if possible - paste a google map link here if you can please!) *
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Do you have financing in place for your build? *
How soon would you like to move in to your new home? *
Do you have to sell a home to sell before you build your new home? *
Misc - if we have missed any questions, or you have any other details you would like to share, please use this section!
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