This survey will allow the community to share their ideas and priorities for changing the Buffalo Police Department.
The purpose of this survey is to get clarity and build transparency for the coalition to figure out what reform/reconstruction in Buffalo policing will look like for the safety of our communities.

Free The People WNY does not sell, rent, give away, or loan any personally identifiable information about individuals to any third party. By completing the form, you consent to the collection and use of your personally identifiable information by Free The People WNY. Should you provide contact information, we may get in contact with you to set up a personal meeting to discuss if you would like your story to be part of a policy for change in Buffalo.  Let's work together to create new and better laws to keep our community safe. It's time for reform and reconstruction for this city's police department!

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What zip code do you reside in? *
How often do you see police patrolling your neighborhood? *
Do you at all feel threatened when police are patrolling your community/neighborhood? *
How many times have you encountered the police in the last 5 years? And have those encounters with police been positive or negative? Please explain. *
When being stopped for a traffic violation or patrol road block, do you fear for your life? *
What comes to mind when you hear "Defund the police" ? *
In your opinion, what is the best way to keep your community safe? Who would be involved? *
If money is to be reallocated from the Buffalo's police budget what should those funds be spent on?
If you or someone you know is having a mental health crisis, who would you like to show up?
How comfortable would you be with social workers helping police officers on mental health crisis calls?
Highly uncomfortable
Extremely comfortable
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Do you think cops should handle wellness checks? Explain why (A wellness check is when police officers check in on someone whose mental health or well-being are of concern. The officers will assess the person's mental health, hygiene, ask about their day, and take a peek inside the house) *
Which of the following policies do you support?
What alternative solutions must be implemented to help protect community members from unlawful policing? *
What issues in your household or community are in need of assistance that can be solved with the allocation of federal, state, county and local funds? *
How do you want to see the mayor held accountable to the recommendations of the police reform committee? *
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