AP Leader Support-Needs Input Part 2
We're following up to learn more because information helps us grow and serve. Thank you for participating and responding about your experiences at this point.
I've experienced the following rate of inquiries to my group over the last few weeks?
Which of these words best match your feelings over the past few weeks? (check all that apply)
What topics have parents asked about most in recent weeks?
Your answer
Which of these API resources have you used in the last few weeks? (check all that apply)
Please briefly describe how API could support you and your work better.
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Take a few seconds to think about the adults who gave you some form of support or encouragement in the last week. Bring to mind the faces of the adults who helped you in some way, whether strangers or known, physically present, virtual, memories or just in your thoughts. How many helpers were you able to see?
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