[Registration] 2020 3rd African Martial Arts Webinar (24-25 November 2020)
1. Date: 24 - 25 November 2020

2. Time: Korea (16:00~19:00)
Eastern Africa (10:00~13:00)
Southern Africa (09:00~12:00)
Western Africa (08:00~11:00)

3. Venue: ONLINE (Virtual Seminar)
* The webinar will be broadcasted through ICM's YouTube and Facebook live)
- UNESCO ICM Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UChjKZ9q_4cOIqMQnUpY5Qyw
- UNESCO ICM Facebook: facebook.com/unescoicm

4. Theme: "Martial Arts for African Youth and Women"
[Day 1 - 24/11/2020]
- Opening Ceremony and Keynote Speech
- Session 1 : Current Problems and Challenges that African Youth and Women faced
- Session 2 : The Positive Role of Martial Arts for African Youth and Women
[Day 2 - 25/11/2020]
- Session 3 : Martial Arts Education and Changing Paradigm in Post COVID-19
- Session 4 : Martial Arts as a SDG tool and Future of African Youth and Women

* Please fine more information of the event, please go to this link below;

Thank you for your interest and passion to our event in advance.

2020 3rd African Martial Arts Webinar Secretariat
email to: ch.han@unescoicm.org
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We, UNESCO ICM are very much interested to know if you have any questions or inquiries you wish to be addressed in the each session. Please write here with us regarding our theme of Martial Arts for African Youth and Women. The Secretariat will convey those questions to the appropriate speakers in each session. *
[NOTICE] Full Name, Country, Organisation, Position, and Contact(email) Information are required from all the participants in this event. You have the right to reject the consent for the collection and use of personal information above. However, if you refuse to agree, you may not be allowed to participate in this event. If you want to continue to participate in this Webinar, please tick the box as agreement. Thank you for your cooperation. *
Changhee, Han (Programme Specialist)
International Cooperation Team
UNESCO International Centre of Martial Arts
Tel. +82 43 845 6728 / Email. ch.han@unescoicm.org (or korean313@snu.ac.kr)
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