2012-2013 End of Year Survey
You did it!! You are only six short days away from ending your time as a 7th grade students.  Please complete the following questions to the best of your ability.  Be honest and be thorough.  
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How did having computers in class effect your learning? *
Please explain your previous answer. *
What is one skill you learned this year that made you a better student? *
What was one expectation you had at the beginning of the year about 7th grade? *
In other words, what was one thing you thought you would learn, or do, or experience as a 7th grader?
What was your favorite experience of this school year? *
How have you become a better person this year? *
What other classes do you think would benefit from more technology? *
If the school offered free Wifi, how would it help you as a student? *
Do you think students would benefit from "checking out" e-readers in the library, instead of books? *
Basically, do you think our library should have things like Kindles for students to read books on.
Explain your last answer. *
Would you rather have paper textbooks or electronic textbooks? *
Explain your last answer. *
Do you agree with our school's rules about cell phones and electronics? *
Explain your last answer. *
How do you think that technology can be used more effectivily in class? *
Do you think that laptops or iPads would be better in class? *
What are you looking forward to in 8th grade? *
Do you have any other comments, suggestions or ideas?
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