S-PAY Airdrop - February 2019
Dear S-PAY - Fan!

To take part in our S-PAY Token Airdrop and be rewarded 500 SPC-Tokens you will need to prove the following things:

* you have registred a free S-PAY account at https://ico.s-pay.me/en/my-account/
* wether you use the free ETH-wallet in your free S-PAY account or your own ETH-Wallet, you wallet must NOT have a ZERO ETH-Balance on it
* you need to join our Telegram-Group at https://t.me/joinchat/D5kythaGfbXNiV9ZQyIx4g
* you need to do at least 3 "serious" postings in the Telegram-Group ("serious" means, not something like "Hi", "I'm here", "What's up?" and so on)
* you need to like/subscribe our Facebook-Channel at https://www.facebook.com/my.spay.coin
* you need to subscribe our Twitter-Channel at https://twitter.com/coin_s

After you have fullfilled all requirements, please enter the form below to claim your 500 S-PAY Tokens (value 30 €):

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Username of your S-PAY account, which you set up at https://ico.s-pay.me/en/my-account/ *
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Your Telegram username/name in our Telegram-Group *
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Your Facebook username/name *
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Your Twitter username/name *
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The address of your ETH wallet (either your ETH-wallet of your S-PAY account or an individual ETH-wallet of yours) - must be valid, we do not check it, so be careful ! *
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I have met all airdrop-requirements *
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I have read the terms and conditions for participating in the S-PAY Token Airdrop, I fully agree with them and I also consent to the use of the personal information I provide in accordance with the S-PAY Privacy Policy! *
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