Tampa Bay Summer Mission Application 2021
TBSM Applications are due April 15, 2021, Late Applications available until May 1st
TBSM Dates: Friday, May 28th - Friday, July 30th
TBSM Cost: $400 (Current Cru students only have to raise $200 and Cru staff will raise the other $200)
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First Name:
Name everyone calls you if it is different from above :)
Last Name:
Address (Street Address, City, State, Zip code)
Date of Birth
Current School, Major, Year, Graduation Date
Parent/Guardian/Emergency Contact (Name, Relationship to you, Address, Phone, Email)
Biographical Info/Personal Calling
What has God been teaching you lately?
Tell us a little about yourself. How would you describe your personality (character traits)? Your strengths (abilities, skills, achievements)? In what areas do you need to grow?
Tell us about any Leadership experiences you have had (in high school, college, churches, sports, clubs, organizations, etc).
Briefly describe how you found out about this mission. What is your understanding of the purpose of this summer mission?
Ministry Experience & Involvement
Briefly describe any ministry experience you’ve had (include any training/experience in evangelism, discipleship, small groups, service opportunities).
How do you feel about initiating a conversation with another person, and sharing the Gospel?
What are the main points you share with a person who wants to know Christ?
What is your understanding of the Spirit-filled life and what it means to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit?
Summer Missions Guideline Information
Since we are representing the Lord, the mission will have standards of dress, conduct, and accountability. Are you willing to follow the mission guidelines and mission leadership even though you might not totally agree with them in every situation? (We are speaking of a difference of opinion, not something unbiblical or immoral)  If not, why not?
The Tampa Bay Summer Mission is designed to take place alongside school or work commitments over the summer and all participants are expected to fully participate in mission activities.  Are you willing to schedule your work or classes around the summer mission activities?
Note: You will be given a full schedule of mission activities before the start of the summer mission.
Clear selection
Values & Practices
Please recognize that we treat the answers to these questions with confidentiality and care.  Your responses here will allow for further discussion and coaching in your walk with Jesus.  
In the last 6 months have you used narcotics, hallucinogens, drugs or tobacco products not prescribed by a physician?
Do you drink alcoholic beverages?
Briefly explain your understanding of what the Bible teaches about sexual purity (principles). What have you done to pursue this standard (both in convictions and practices)? Please be specific.
Health/Medical Information
Do you have any significant health issues, physical limitations or disabilities that may affect your ability to participate fully in the mission or would require accommodations in order to take part?
Do you have any allergies that require medication or limit what you can eat or do?
Do you have any comments or questions about the Tampa Bay Summer Mission?
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