PTO Proposal Form
Proposal Policy:
In an effort to make our evaluation process of all proposals and ideas complete, fair, and efficient, provide the information outlined below.

Please fill out all relevant questions with as much detail as possible. The more details included, the easier a proposal can be presented and voted on.

Completed proposals, which are proposals that thoroughly answer the proposal questions, and are submitted at least two weeks in advance of any meeting will be shared out with the broader community via our website and presented at the next PTO meeting, unless a specific meeting farther out is requested. Exceptions will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Once submitted, the PTO Chair will be emailed. The Chair will be responsible for sharing the proposal with the rest of the PTO steering committee, staff or additional contacts relevant to the proposal. The PTO will reach out with questions, concerns, issues and for any necessary clarifications.

When the proposal is brought to a meeting, a discussion will take place for a set amount of time and then a vote will be held.
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Contact info For Proposal :: This is the point person(s) for the PTO to interact with as Questions, issues or logistical needs arise. Please include, Name, Organization(if applicable), Phone number and Email *
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Problem / Need :: A brief statement of the problem or need you have recognized and are proposing to address or would like the PTO to address *
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Goal and Objectives :: What is to be achieved? What does success look like? How do you/PTO measure success? What metrics will/should be tracked? *
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Solution :: A description of the idea/project, including what will take place and how many people will benefit from the program, how and where it will operate, for how long and staffing required. Any research, support data, previous successes and/or case studies should be included/linked here. *
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