Frontiers Editor Application Fall 2016
Frontiers Magazine is WashU's undergraduate review of health. We strive to make aspects of health and medicine more understandable and engage the WashU campus in expanding perspectives of health and medicine. Check us out at:

Please email with any questions.

Editor Position:
A position on the Frontiers Magazine Editorial Board will be a significant commitment, with weekly meetings as well as a group of writers to manage. The position requires a consistent ability to be diligent and observe deadlines, as the writers will be depend on them.

The requirements for a Frontiers Editor include:
1) Attending weekly meetings for the Editorial/Exec Boards (currently Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm in the Harvey Media Center/3rd Floor of DUC)
2) Attending and providing feedback during the monthly brainstorming sessions
3) Managing a group of 2-4 writers per issue and coordinating the three drafts of their articles in a prompt manner. It is the editor’s responsibility to ensure that the writer meets deadlines.
4) Editing and critiquing the articles of their writers, checking facts and citations within the article, and providing insightful comments regarding how to bring the article up to Frontiers standards.
5) Participating in the Editors' Workshops and the Writers' Workshops
6) Attending events such as the Activities Fair, Frontiers bonding events, etc.

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