Puzzle Potluck 1 Feedback Form
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Note that every question is optional - feel free to skip anything that you don't want to answer.

Which team did you hunt on?
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What track level were you hunting on?
How much experience do you have with other hunts?
How long did it take you to finish the hunt?
in terms of solving time & excluding breaks (if you didn't finish, how far did you get?)
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How would you rate the length of the hunt?
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How was the overall difficulty level of the puzzles?
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Please rate your agreement with the following statements.
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The hunt was fun
The hint system was helpful
The website worked well
I would like to participate in a future Puzzle Potluck.
Please explain any of your answers above, if you like.
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Any comments about the hunt format?
Please comment here on things like start time, structure, track system (expert/casual) + hint system, ranking system, story/theme, etc.
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What did you like about our individual puzzles?
Let us know about your favorite puzzles!
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What can we improve in terms of our individual puzzles?
Let us know about your least favorite puzzles (Be honest! We want to improve for future potlucks!)
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Any fun stories or moments to share?
Share with us your hunt experience, any stories or inside jokes, etc! If you'd like to include images, email them to us at puzzlepotluck@gmail.com. We would be interested in including them in the wrap-up, with your permission.
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Anything else to add?
Thanks for doing our first hunt! (:
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p.s. is p u z z l e h u n t one word or two words?
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