St. Stanislaus Catholic School Teacher & Support Staff Application
Thank you for your interest in St. Stanislaus Catholic School. As part of the St. Stanislaus Catholic School way, we promote academic excellence and spiritual development in the context of the teachings of the Catholic Church and the traditions of St. Stanislaus Catholic School. Our commitment is to develop students who are:

† Faith Filled People
† Life-Long Learners
† Responsible Citizens
† Effective Communicators  

The purpose of all Catholic parishes and schools, located in the geographic boundaries of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Stockton, is to promote the mission and ministry of the Roman Catholic Church. All parish and school employees and volunteers commit themselves to the following principles:

† To respect the dignity of each person as made in God’s image and likeness;
† To maintain standards of professional and personal conduct which reflect the values, principles, and teachings of the Roman   Catholic Church      
† To contribute by personal example to a Christian work environment;
† To support the mission of the Roman Catholic Church, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Stockton, and the Catholic Schools Office

Catholic parishes and schools may choose to hire as employees persons who are not members of the Roman Catholic Church. However, all employees are required, as a condition of employment, to conduct themselves in a manner that is compatible with the teachings and mission of the Roman Catholic Church. The pastor reserves the right to restrict employment to members in good standing of the Roman Catholic Church.

If would like to be a part of our community and share our mission and vision, we invite you to complete the following application.
Based on our needs and your experience and background, we may request additional information.

Kindly note, this application is part of our initial screening process.

Best wishes,

Mercedes Hollcraft
St. Stanislaus Catholic School
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If you answered No, describe the functions that cannot be performed.
Note: We consider reasonable accommodations measures that may be necessary for employees to perform essential functions.
Have you ever been convicted of or pleaded no contest to a criminal offense, felony, or any misdemeanor? *
This question is not applicable to misdemeanor convictions more than two years old involving marijuana, any misdemeanor conviction for which the case has been judicially dismissed, or any conviction for which the record has been judicially ordered sealed, expunged, or statutorily eradicated.
If you answered Yes, state the nature of the crime, when, and where convicted and dispositions of the case.
N.B. In accordance with the Safe Environment Program of the Diocese of Stockton, any person employed or serving in a volunteer capacity with access to students must have appropriate fingerprint clearance with the Department of Justice (all employees and volunteers) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (employees only). Certification through the online program – SHIELD THE VULNERABLE - is also required for all full-time teacher/principal applicants, all volunteers, and those who wish to be considered for temporary/substitute employment with schools of the diocese. For necessary forms and more information, please contact Linda Dillen of the Diocesan Human Resource Department – 466-0636 or
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Please include name and contact information, e.g., email address and phone number(s)
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I certify that I have not knowingly withheld any information that might affect my employment. I understand that, if I am hired, any false or misleading information provided in my application or interview may result in termination. *
I authorize the parish or the Catholic Schools Office at the Diocese of Stockton to investigate my references, work record, education and other matters related to my suitability for employment. I release the parish, my former employers, and all other persons, from any and all claims, demands or liabilities arising out of or in any way related to such investigation or disclosure. *
If hired, I agree to the appropriate fingerprinting process for a Criminal Record Summary. Applicants with currently current California teaching credentials have already met this requirement. *
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