Terms for Special Requests for Photography
This form is required to be completed by individuals requesting to: take photographs at the Kansas City Automotive Museum and use flash or lighting equipment in the galleries or public spaces, to videotape in the galleries or public spaces, or to photograph using equipment other than hand-held camera.
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Phone Number
Institutional Association
Description of Area(s) to be photographed:
If images are for publication, presentation, or a special project, please describe. Include the name of the publication, publisher, expected publication, or presentation date.
I agree not to handle artifacts and display furniture unless I have received approved training and have been givenexpress permission by Museum staff. *
I agree to use only those flash and lighting set-ups that have been approved by Museum staff. For the preservation of the artifacts, I will keep lighting intensity and period of exposure to a minimum at all times. *
I understand publication permission is for one time use only and agree to obtain further permission each time  I wish to publish the image. *
I agree to identify the Kansas Automotive Museum in publication as: "The Kansas City Automotive Museum, in Olathe, Kansas" *
I will provide the Kansas City Automotive Museum with one copy, free of charge, of the publication listed above or links if digital content. *
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