Electric Vehicle Pilot Survey

    Notice May 2016: Check out the Results!

    There has been a great response to the EV Pilot Survey, and we are happy to announce that we have built a platform for sharing the results. Go to http://tiny.cc/evreports to check out the materials: both the curated survey data, and a large collection of reports and other information about EV and VGI research, gathered in one place for the first time. Thank you for making this a success, and please keep contributing!

    The Challenge

    Nationwide, dozens of studies, pilots, and demonstrations are underway to help chart a path toward widespread adoption of plug-in electric vehicles. While this is an exciting time to be involved in this field, so much is happening that it is often difficult and time-consuming to track down answers to basic questions about the current state of research. How many charging demonstrations include renewables on-site? Which projects will produce reports in the next six months? Are any hardware combinations over- or under-examined? Which use cases have had the least investigation? What is the state of the art? The answers to these types of questions emerge from an understanding of the details of each ongoing project. However, while these details are shared piecemeal in presentations, workshops, and meetings, there is no single forum where the information has been consolidated and maintained for reference. This survey is intended to be the first step in changing that.

    The Survey

    The California Public Utilities Commission, Energy Division, Emerging Procurement Strategies Section, with research assistance from the University of California, Berkeley, has created this survey in order to collect a reference data set for EV pilot projects. "Pilot," as used here, is not intended to be limited to a single type of project. Rather, it is shorthand for a broad range of research activities focused on transportation electrification, including any effort to test, demonstrate, or deploy any EV-related technology or system - from software development, to single-vehicle technology demonstrations, to programmatic charging infrastructure installations - whether in California or beyond, publicly or privately funded, in progress or about to begin, from cars, to trucks, to ports. If it relates to electrifying the transportation sector, we want to know more about it. In the long run, information about the current state of EV research sufficient to inform policymakers, researchers, and industry alike will be consolidated and made publicly available in a forum that allows for analysis, extension, and discussion. But first, the data must be collected.

    The Questions

    The survey questions cover the following areas: (1) general information about the project, such as its title and location; (2) the parties who are involved in the project; (3) the research questions that the project is designed to examine; (4) the manner in which the project handles payments for electricity between the various interested parties; (5) the public sources of funding for the project; (6) the project's timeline, including especially the expected dates of reports and other useful information; (7) the physical components of the project including: (a) the vehicles used, (b) the EVSE used, and (c) any supplementary equipment, such as renewable energy resources, integrated into the project; and (8) the software and communications protocols implemented in the project. The survey is intended to be filled out by a person with detailed knowledge of a pilot project. However, we understand that respondents may find it useful to review the questions beforehand and to gather information prior to entering the survey. Furthermore, this survey is hosted on Google Forms, which **does not support saving responses and returning later**. In order to facilitate responding, we have therefore prepared two documents: The first is a Word document containing the entire survey, so that all the questions are available in one place. It can be downloaded at https://goo.gl/uAhzwI. The second is an Excel file which can be circulated internally to solicit survey answers, should you wish. It can be downloaded at https://goo.gl/65sVdj. When you are ready to enter information about your project, please return to this page and click "continue" to begin. RESPONSES WILL NOT BE SAVED UNTIL THE END OF THE SURVEY, so please be sure to continue all the way to the end and click "SUBMIT" to record your response. Thank you! ** Note regarding confidential information: Google Forms hosts information in the cloud on Google's servers, subject to Google's terms of service and privacy policies. Consequently, do not submit any confidential information through this survey. **