Language Creation Lab Research Assistant Application
Thank you for your interest in working in our lab! Please answer the following questions to help us learn more about you. After you submit this application, please email and to let them know you are interested in joining the LCL.
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Major(s) and Minor(s) *
What experience do you have (in terms of courses or otherwise--please be specific!) with Linguistics, Psychology, ASL, and Spanish? Do you have any other experience you feel is relevant to working in our lab? *
What about research interests you? *
Do you have any research experience? If so, please describe. If you have not had research experience, what experiences (i.e. classes, jobs, volunteering) do you think will help you succeed in a research environment? *
Are you at least conversationally fluent in ASL? (this is not an exclusionary requirement, but is very preferred) *
What are your educational, professional, and/or research goals? *
How do you feel working with us will help you with those goals? *
What kind of project are you interested in working on? Please base this, in part, on what you know about the research we do in our lab. *
Please tell us about your problem-solving skills. *
How many hours per week can you commit to working (a) in the lab specifically, and (b) on your lab project generally? (We generally require undergraduates to commit at least 9 hours per week to working in the lab.) * *
What is your schedule for next semester? (Please include your courses and other commitments, like jobs.) *
Are you willing or able to adjust this schedule, if necessary, to fit with schedules of lab members you may work with? *
Please upload your unofficial transcript here. *
Please upload your Resume/CV here. *
Please include the names and contact information of two references we can contact, and in what context they know you (e.g., employer, instructor) *
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