Magento Product Recommendations Early Access Program
Product recommendations are a powerful growth tool that merchants can use to stimulate shopper engagement, increase conversions, and boost revenue. They are backed by an automated deep analysis of aggregated data and result in highly engaging, relevant, and personalized experiences for the shopper. 

Using the A.I. capabilities of industry leading Adobe Sensei, we will soon bring the benefits of intelligent Product Recommendations to Magento Commerce. In just a few clicks, users will be able to create them directly from the Magento Admin Panel. 

The out-of-the-box algorithms will focus on increasing conversion and basket size to drive revenue. Once created, Recommendations can quickly be deployed across a variety of high traffic storefront pages like Product Detail Pages, Category Pages, Cart, and others. 

Early Enrollment participants will join the team that will strengthen the product from the start. You will get to help steer product direction, train the machine learning models which will deliver high quality product recommendations, and be first in line to gain access to the data-driven features we will be releasing in months and years to come. 

To ignite this program merchants will simply place a snippet of javascript and a secure extension on their production Magento instance. This will enable the flow of data from the storefront to the machine learning models to be built and properly trained. 


Summer 2019
- Merchants place a Magento-developed Data Services extension on production sites 
- Magento gathers behavioral data, builds and trains Adobe Sensei machine learning models for each participating merchant
- Feature is in active development

Fall 2019*
- Magento rolls out Recommendations API for storefronts 

Early 2020*
- Magento rolls out early feature access with Product Recommendations management UI in the Admin Panel 

- Product Recommendations powered by Adobe Sensei General Availability 

* Dates are subject to change

We commit to making this a positive experience for Early Enrollment Participants; and building a high quality Product Recommendations engine in the process. In return we are looking for spirited early-adopter merchants who actively participate by setting aside time to experiment with new functionality and providing feedback early and often. 

- Merchant commits some technical resources to install and periodically update the Data Services module on production storefront
- Merchant commits some resources to provide feedback throughout the Early Enrollment and Early Access phases of feature development 
- Merchant is willing to discuss approach to marketing strategies, current practices and workflows 

- Magento serves the storefront (not headless)
- Magento Commerce 2.3.x
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