Let NY Vote: Voting Reform Priorities
2019 is the year for New York to win voting reform! Let us know which reforms matter most to you, and how you’d like to get involved in making sure they are passed swiftly to make registering and voting accessible for ALL New Yorkers.
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2019 Priorities *
Let NY Vote has identified these voting reform measures as possible wins in 2019. As we move into the new year, we'd like to know how you are prioritizing them.
It is not important to me if this voting reform passes in 2019
It is somewhat important to me this voting reform passes in 2019
It is very important to me this voting reform passes in 2019
Automatic re-enfranchisement post-incarceration
Automatic voter registration
Consolidate Primaries
Early voting
Same day registration
Shorten change of party deadline
Voter friendly ballots
Longterm Priorities
After we pass voting reform measures in 2019, we have more to do to ensure that registering and voting is accessible and fair for all New Yorkers. Please select your top priority in the coming years.
Other Priorities
Please select the one other issue that you most actively work to support.
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