2020 Senior Checkout Tasks:
By May 1st, Senior students will complete the following required tasks before receiving a diploma or participating in graduation ceremonies.
*REQUIRED Tasks: 1-Senior Survey and 2-Final Transcripts.
*OPTIONAL Tasks 3-College/University Scholarship and 4-Other Scholarships - concerns scholarships received: those offered by a college or university as well as those offered by groups or businesses. This section is not required but helps us celebrate the victories you have been working hard to achieve.
***IMPORTANT: In order to be honored, please provide proof of your award: forward the email confirmation of your scholarship OR send a picture of your scholarship to Ms. Harper - (Kristen.Harper@jeffco.k12.co.us)
***IMPORTANT - You will need to click the NEXT button until the end of the 7th section before you can click SUBMIT
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