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Please complete information to register your child for a Piano Class **NOTE - Payment on Store page is needed to complete registration.
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Piano Kids lessons are partner lessons for 1/2 hour with an added 15 min of Group activities. During that 15 minutes the students from the first 1/2 hour will be joined by the students for the next 1/2 hour lesson. For this reason it is important that students are on time for there lesson time. It will be attempted to pair students according to their abilities - however it is possible to have two students at different developmental levels at the same lesson. To aid in scheduling please choose two preferred lesson times. Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferred time choice, however flexibility is encouraged. CLASSES BEGIN OCT 1ST AND END MAY 20TH (adjustments made for holidays)
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availability of time is based on enrollment - schedule will be adjusted if need be so pick time frame that is best
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