Tlopps Cards Interest Check
They're finally here: Blaseball Cards.

Due to some changes in our shipping process, we are unable to run a pre-order for this product. Instead, we will be doing this interest check to determine how many sets to order. We aim to begin production Early March, and have the sets available for purchase before the end of March.

This first edition collection compiles:
- 55 original illustrations by 55 different artists across the whole league
- Comes with a commemorative tin and a 6-page credits booklet.
- Shipping included in price.

All priced at $25CAD / $20USD.
This product will ship internationally at this flat rate, however may incur duties at the border.

For more information and a growing list of credits, check out the product page here:
Are you planning on purchasing the Tlopps First Edition set? *
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