Welcome to the 2021-22 Season! Please read all the info below:
We are excited to start this new season, and with so many changes, we acknowledge that the community is evolving. Kore recognizes our community is looking to MOVE in different spaces and exciting new ways. We are ready to MOVE with you!

Our MOVE mission for 2021-22:
1. Elevate our passion for dance (brand new programs available) and approach our competitive dance program with excellence!
2. Empower our community; provide safer spaces for our members to grow & express ourselves.
3. Engage & connect with our community so that each voice is heard, while ensuring we maintain the highest standards of safety and health in our facility. At Kore, it is our to priority that each dancer that walks into our space feels safe, valued and heard. It is an expectation & requirement for all students, staff and volunteers follow the KORE CODE OF CONDUCT (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1H5G3zVJZp7NlSbam7eNvkRWnZJZQXcr-VSOSaCtcoas/edit?usp=sharing)

How do you describe our MOVEment at Kore?
Our movement is heavily inspired by hip hop styles and Black culture, and we are guests of this incredible art form & culture. There are even moments where we take influences from jazz, or even contemporary. Ultimately we either use the label "open styles" or "choreography" to describe our MOVEment, would love for you to come take a class and experience it for yourself :)

To register at Kore, there are THREE stages:

We want to get to know YOU and what programs would interest you!

Stage 2 - KORE WILL EMAIL YOU PROGRAM SPECIFIC INFO once we know what programs you're interested in. This info will include cost, specific times of the class, etc.

- receiving your "Welcome to Kore" email
- downloading the BAND app & registering for the Kore Community BAND group along with your respective team Band groups
- making your initial payment for your Kore classes


Our first day of classes for the 2020-21 season is TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 7TH, which there is a 2 week period where dancers are able to audition/trial their dance classes. We are only registering students for the first semester of the year, which will last from SEPTEMBER 7th to DECEMBER 11th, with a Winter Show at the end to celebrate!

All beginner, recreational and kids programs are non-audition, the teacher will confirm if this class is the right fit for the dancer via communicating to Kore admin!

If you are interested in an INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCE or PRE-PROFESSIONAL program, there will be an assessment of skill via:
These classes will also participate in local dance competitions between March-May 2022, depending on government protocols announced later in the year.

Once this initial registration form is submitted, we will send you further information on how to submit into these programs!

IF YOU ARE A NEW DANCER TO KORE we would love to assist you in finding the right class for you! Our preference is to provide you a one-on-one experience, either electronically or in person. To do so, please book an appointment with us via this link: https://forms.gle/LoWfgaJW1DgXeCGN8

Now that you are more familiar with our studio, please feel free to move forward with registering at Kore!
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