UTFOLD Winter 2020 Survey
Facts aren't debatable.
Kamiya is an origami god. Elephant hide (« not made from elephant...) is the ultimate origami paper. You are the special star of UTFOLD, since the happiness of every single member should dictate what UTFOLD does.
Thank you for breathing life into the club, and please take this short survey to give critiques. May your summer be safe and fruitful.
Please rate UTFOLD Winter 2020 workshops.
Forgettable! (nothing but regret for showing up)
Wonderful! (+ impact on U of T experience)
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Please rate UTFOLD workshops on beginner-friendliness.
Insultingly easy. I always figured things out by myself.
It was too hard! My hands never knew what they were doing.
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Which UTFOLD social media streams are or would be the most helpful for receiving workshop/event updates?
The most enjoyable workshop type(s) was/were...
When UTFOLD workshops resume, would you be interested in dropping by?
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Would you attend more online workshops hosted by UTFOLD?
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Free response section. Mention anything you liked or disliked about UTFOLD! We'll read all suggestions.
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