Cider Club 2019
Welcome to the BX Cider Club for 2019.

Your club membership entitles you to the best pricing anywhere on our cider with 10% off all bottles purchased and your quarterly case. You will receive a mix of all of our ciders with small-batches and experiments reserved for you, ensuring you receive everything we make *.

*High-value specialty releases such as ice cider, pommeau, or methode champenoise you will still receive your discount however these bottles will not be included in club releases.

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Cider Club Terms and Conditions
By completing this form you are agreeing to accept four cases of cider (1 each quarter - March, June, August, and December) and for us to keep your credit card on file. If your card is out or date or not already on file, you will be asked to to add it securely at the time your first invoice is due in March.

1. All four reserved club cases must be taken.
2. Ciders cannot be substituted unless in the case of allergies.
3. Credit card information must be provided and authorized for The BX Press to keep securely on file. Each of the 4 club cases will be charged individually (each quarter) If a credit card is declined, payment must be provided at pickup. The case will be forfeited if payment cannot be provided. There are 12 -500ml bottles to a case. The price is between $87-95 per case depending on what mix of bottles are within.
4. Each case must be picked up at the tasting room within two weeks of its release date or we must be notified to arrange a later pickup date. If the case is not picked up within two weeks and no notification has been made for alternative pick-up, we reserve the right to ship your case, with all shipping costs charged to your credit card.
5. Only the club member or authorized person(s) can pickup the case. Only club members receive 10% off of additional cider purchases. ID may be requested at pickup.
6. Non-local club members are responsible for all shipping charges.
7. Club members must be 19 years of age.

By checking the following box I authorize The BX Press Inc to charge my credit card for amounts incurred as agreed in the BX Cider Club Release schedule, and any shipping charges as per the agreement. I will provide credit card information to The BX Press upon invoicing of the first case. *
I agree to all club terms and obligations as described above *
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