Bridge Registration | Spring 2019
Below is a letter from our Board of Directors, welcoming you to the Bridge Family. Please be sure to read through before you begin the registration process. Thank you.
As a participant of Bridge Lacrosse, the Bridge Board of Directors, would like to share more about our role and your role as a parent and guardian in the success of your student-athlete and the Bridge organization. The foundation of Bridge is family. We are an organization united by our common goal of using lacrosse to grow and develop the youth we serve in the program. As an organization serving your student-athlete, we have created a process and program that works to achieve success for all Bridge youth, both on and off the field. One of our goals is to ensure trust is being built between all board members, staff, volunteers, student-athletes and their families. Please know, that you can and should expect nothing but support and advocacy for every Bridge student-athlete. We can manage the process for achieving success on and off the field through character and skill development but we cannot always control the outcome of the games. We do know if your student-athlete prepares and executes to the best of their abilities, tries hard, stays positive, and supports their teammates; and if we all work together as a team and family, we will give ourselves the best chance for success. And, while we will always strive to compete and win games, we do not allow competition and winning to define success or overshadow opportunities to teach life lessons, build character, or demonstrate sportsmanship and integrity. Your faith in us and our volunteers to work with your student-athlete to prepare them for the challenges they may face, on and off the field, is invaluable. That responsibility is not taken lightly by anyone involved with the Bridge organization. Bridge has ten values - positivity, sportsmanship, teamwork, respect, family, accountability, family, integrity, equality, and opportunity - with family, sportsmanship, and integrity being the three core values. We ask everyone in the Bridge family to embrace and demonstrate our core values at home, school, church, work, and all other aspects of everyday life. As a parent and guardian you play a key role by serving as both a role model and as a fan for your student-athlete. For Bridge, we believe in doing the little things well. Sometimes a simple “good luck”, “great work, or “you played well” is often enough. Positive encouragement, modeling and teaching good sportsmanship, and supporting the coaches and other student-athletes are all ways you can be an exemplary sports parent. The laughs and tears, the cheers and high fives, the hard work and dedication, the wins and losses are all part of being a member of the Bridge family. We are incredibly fortunate to have such a great group of athletes and parents involved in the Bridge organization. In our continuous effort to improve Bridge, we welcome your thoughts, questions, and feedback on how we can better serve the youth of the Dallas community. Thank you for your support and we look forward to a great season. #bridgefamily *
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