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For course info, please refer to this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10YVXSXhp2p82Rx_upYgUzwr0ORs3NcH8?usp=share_link 

Our Team: Miss Janice/Zenith/Jodie/Jeen

Tuition Fee:
Storytime Zoom: $120/30mins or $180/45mins or $240/60mins
Chatterbox Zoom: $290/45mins
Little Teachers zoom: $480/60mins

Little Scholars/Little Explorers (f2f): $550/75mins or $715/120mins
Mighty Learners/Go-getters (f2f): $590/90mins
Creative writing/Little Scholars zoom: $380/60mins

Private speech training: $600/30mins (twice a week up)
Private class: $900-1,300/hour
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學生姓名 Student's name (English; please include last name) *
學生生日日期  student's birthday
Student's grade/age *
Student's school *
Please tell me a bit more about your child in terms of his/her English level. 小朋友現時的英文學習情況 (英文程度 / 情況 e.g. 閱讀習慣/能否用英文流暢地溝通 etc)
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家長稱呼 Parent's name *
家長電話 Parent's phone number *
家長生日日期 Parent's Birthday
家長職業  Parent's occupation *
居住區域 residential area *
是否Miss Janice現有學生?Are you an existing student? *
I'm interested in CREATIVE WRITING:
I'm interested in CHATTERBOX:
I'm interested in ZOOM STORYTIME:
Tuition Fee:
Little Explorers/Little Scholars (f2f): $550/75mins or $715/120mins
Little Scholars Zoom: $380/60mins
Mighty Learners/Go-getters (f2f): $550/75mins or $590/90mins
Creative writing zoom: $380/60mins
Private speech training: $450/30mins (twice a week up)

Zoom 故事班
🔔 八或十六堂學費預繳。
🔔 十二小時前通知請假將順延學費。
🔔 組別滿三人可開新班,未滿三人將取消當日課堂。

Creative writing
🔔 由於各組別進度不同,故未能安排個別調堂之要求。

🔔Patreon 會員報讀實體課可獲5%折扣 (不可與其他優惠重複使用)。
🔔由2022 十月起,每星期報讀兩堂或以上可獲5%折扣 (不可與其他優惠重複使用)。

🔔12小時前請假: 每月可順延課堂一次,同一月份第二次起只能安排一個月內補堂 (小組課或30分鐘私人實體/zoom課 - 需視乎老師時間安排而定)。
🔔12小時內請假: 只能安排一個月內補堂 (小組課或30分鐘實體/zoom私人課 - 需視乎老師時間安排而定) 。
🔔病假(需提供醫生證明): 12小時內通知可順延學費。
🔔3小時內請假: 任何原因均不安排順延學費或補堂。

請問你是從何處得知我們學校 Where did you hear about our school? (Multiple choice)
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學生有沒有食物食物過敏 Does the student have any food allergies?
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