Internet Speed Test Survey
In order to collect data for a Fibre to the Home grant application under the "Universal Broadband Fund" we are required to collect statistics on the current internet speeds in your community. Obtaining this data is very important in the application process, so please help us to improve services to your community by filling out the internet survey and sharing it with people you know within the community. Deadline for submission is February 10th, 2021.

If you have any questions about the survey or need assistance completing the survey we are happy to help. Please call me at 403-627-4126 ext. 505. No information will be used for marketing purposes or shared outside of the grant application.

Thank you for your participation, Paul McLean - Tough Country Communications Ltd.
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Speed Test Details -
If you are familiar with other speed test applications they can be used as well.
However, these instructions are for
- Go to in a separate browser window
- Click on the "GO" button
- Run Test
- When done, return to the survey and record the download and upload speeds in survey
Download Speed -Test Results (i.e.10mbps) *
Upload Speed -Test Results (i.e. 2mbps) *
Time of day Speed Test was taken
Do you know the package you are paying for? i.e. 10mbps download/ 2mbps upload? Please enter package information to the best of your knowledge.
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