EMPOWER for Women-owned Businesses
ECDI/WBC and the Women’s Network bring entrepreneurs in the Greater Akron region a new series of entrepreneurial training:

EMPOWER for Women-owned Businesses

Building a successful business takes a team. The EMPOWER for Women-owned Businesses collaborative is designed for entrepreneurs who are ready to expand their existing small enterprise into a viable and profitable business. Clients taking this course will focus on four critical developmental areas; business concept, organization, customer relations, and operations using the GrowthWheel® concept, an interactive tool that helps entrepreneurs develop their business through an action-oriented process. Clients will also complete homework assignments that will assist them in developing a business plan and 30/60/90 day action plan.

• Building a sustainable enterprise
• 1:1 Coaching for individual business owners
• Building an action plan for success
• Networking with other entrepreneurs

**EMPOWER for Business is supported by the Burton D. Morgan Foundation**

Questions regarding EMPOWER can be directed to Alexis Coffey at acoffey@ecdi.org or 216.912.5670

***Application Deadline: January 15th, 2018***

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