Foster Parent Feedback: Case Managers
I am working on a video in which I want to explore ways case managers/social workers can do a better job of interacting with and supporting foster parents. Please share from your experiences as a foster parent. (I have a separate form for case managers and social workers!)
How many case workers have you had (or did you have) during your time as a foster parent? *
How long have you been (or were you) a licensed foster parent? *
Overall, would you rate your experiences with case managers and social workers... *
What are (or were) some ways your case managers have helped support you as a foster parent? *
What are (or were) some of the biggest frustrations you've had with case managers? *
What do (or did) you wish you could say (or could have said) to your case managers (or ask them), but don't (or didn't) feel comfortable saying it? *
Have you (or did you) ever considered quitting foster parenting because of your frustrations dealing with case managers? *
If you're willing to let me follow up with you for more info, please share your email address. Otherwise, thank you so much for your feedback!
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