Origin Youth Group Sign Up Form Spring 2021
Do you want to create a project that can better your community? Join our Origins Youth program!

We are the Origin Youth group, a Youth Leadership cohort working with the Coalition for a Better Chinese American Community (CBCAC). We are working on an issue-based project for the summer. We want to create a solution so that our communities are better for us and learn some skills along the way!
We will explore topics/skills like Asian American identity, civic engagement, organizing, issues in our community, collaboration, leadership development, communication, and more.

***Students are eligible for a $150 stipend upon completion of the program***

- Weekly 1.5 hour meetings on Sundays at 12:30pm from February - June. You do not have to commit to the summer, but note that we will be implementing the project then.
- Orientation is Saturday 2/20/21 at 12pm. If you can't make it, let us know!
- All meetings are virtual until further notice.

Everyone who fills this form will be admitted into Origin and we are flexible with capacity. We are looking for a diversity in ages, identities, and backgrounds. We welcome all interests and past experiences.

Eva Nip evanip@cbcacchicago.org
Darek Lau dareklau@cbcacchicago.org
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We meet over Zoom. Let us know if you need support accessing it!
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We want to understand where you are at and how much capacity you have for the program! This does not affect how we view your engagement nor will it negatively affect your participation.
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How do you want your community to change in the next 5 years? What issues do you care about?
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The following demographic questions are optional and only for us to understand who is interested in Origin. We will not share this information, use it for any other purposes, or use it to discriminate.
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What is your racial/ethnic identity?
We understand the intersection of identities. Thus, you may self-identify with whatever you are comfortable with.
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