Traverse Portland Expedition Proposal

We are excited to host Traverse Portland at Catlin Gabel School and the CENTER from June 24th-26th, 2019! We invite you to submit an expedition proposal for the Traverse 2019 program. Please take a few minutes to read through and complete the following proposal form.

We are looking for three- or six-hour expeditions that address big questions, such as:

- How do we explore and honor the complexity of our communities and identities?

- How do we cultivate lifelong learners?

- How do we authentically engage communities?

- How do places and spaces help us create meaning?

-How do we encourage innovation and positive change?

We want to offer a diverse array of expeditions from PS-12 teachers, administrators, and program leaders from public schools, private schools, and non-profit organizations. We will select expeditions that commit to an exploration of a calling question(s), display experiential teaching practices, and offer clear takeaways for conference attendees. Please note that proposed expeditions can take place either on Catlin Gabel School 's campus or in the greater Portland metro area. We can provide transportation to and from expedition sites. If your expedition has multiple presenters, please first list the contact information for the point-person on your team.

All expedition leaders from the Portland area will:
1.) receive free conference attendance
2.) receive a $500-$800 stipend per expedition (actual amount depends on length of expedition, and whether you are presenting as an individual or with a team).

All expedition leaders who require travel to Portland for Traverse will:
1.) receive free conference attendance
2.) receive up to three nights in a hotel
3.) receive a $500-$800 stipend per expedition (actual amount depends on length of expedition, and individual or team).

Thank you for your submissions. If you have questions, comments, or would like to discuss an idea, please contact John Harnetiaux ( Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis with a final deadline of February 1, 2019. We'll inform you of our decision no later than February 22, 2019.

In the spirit of exploration,
John Harnetiaux, Jasmine Love, and George Zaninovich (The Traverse Portland Programming Team)

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