Register for ASAPbio's #PreprintReviewChallenge  - September 22
As part of Peer Review Week 2020, ASAPbio will be hosting a live preprint review-a-thon. This session (1.5 h) will take place on September 22. We invite you to join us to set an all-time record for the most preprint reviews and comments in a single day.

Commentary and reviews on preprints provide authors with feedback to improve their work as well as valuable additional context to help readers interpret the findings. In alignment with Peer Review Week’s theme on Trust, we aim to support trust in preprints by encouraging constructive comments and reviews on preprints.

You are welcome to join even if you haven’t previously reviewed a paper. You will have an opportunity to learn a bit more about writing comments and reviews, share experiences, the flexibility to comment on a full paper or only elements of it, use a variety of tools and platforms, and to work alone or join a structured group.

Please fill out the form below to register for the event and tell us a bit more about your preferences for the session.

We'll use the email address to follow up with you at the beginning of September with further details on the schedule for the session, the list of preprints that will be reviewed and to put you in touch with other participants with an interest in the same preprint.

Examples of preprints we'll cover include:

Arrastia et al. A single-cell method to map higher-order 3D genome organization in thousands of individual cells reveals structural heterogeneity in mouse ES cells
bioRxiv 2020.08.11.242081; doi:

Faust et al. Heart disease mortality during the early pandemic period in the United States.
medRxiv 2020.08.16.20175406; doi:

Pachano et al. Orphan CpG islands boost the regulatory activity of poised enhancers and dictate the responsiveness of their target genes
bioRxiv 2020.08.05.237768; doi:

Staniscuaski et al. Gender, race and parenthood impact academic productivity during the COVID-19 pandemic: from survey to action
bioRxiv 2020.07.04.187583; doi:

We will hold an orientation session (40 min) on September 10 to provide an overview of how things will work on the date; attendance to the orientation session is optional, and we'll share the recording with all participants.

Data handling and storage:
Our team will process these data to send you updates and reminders on the #PreprintReviewChallenge event. Data will be handled according to the ASAPbio privacy policy: Your email address will not be shared outside the #PreprintReviewChallenge event organizers, for any questions, please contact Iratxe Puebla at
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We encourage recommendations of recent preprints posted in the last couple of months, but preprints posted earlier than that will also be considered. We welcome suggestions from authors who are seeking comments on their preprint.
(Optional) If you provided a preprint recommendation above, would you be willing to facilitate a discussion about the paper during the event?
Those facilitating the discussion about a preprint will coordinate the work on the comments and reviews with those interested in the same preprint during the live session. We will contact you in advance of the event with further details on the format and schedule.
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