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Thank you for choosing Treat Play Fluff Holistic Dog Grooming for your pet! Filling out this Pet Profile will give us a general picture of your pet's personality and behavior, health history, and grooming needs to allow us to provide them the personalized care they deserve!
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The following requirements are in place for the health and safety of your pet, as well as all clients and staff: 
  • current flea preventative
  • current rabies vaccine (or medical exemption).
  • current on yearly vet exams
  • grooming schedule of 8 weeks or less 
Yes, my dog is on a flea preventative.
Yes, my dog is current on their rabies vaccine (or medically exempt).
Yes, my dog has had a vet exam within the past 12 months.
Yes, I'm looking for a grooming schedule of 8 weeks or less.
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Medical History
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Please list any past and current medical issues or conditions, with dates (or estimated dates):
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Example: Prozac daily, Gabapentin as needed for pain, etc

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