Edinburgh/Scottish Housing Co-ops Network
We are a group of people that are currently in the process of starting a housing co-op based around Edinburgh. We’ve learned so much from other groups doing similar things that we’ve been trying to think of ways to make more of a network for individuals as well as aspiring and established co-ops to share information and resources. We came up with the idea of having an online forum; a space for people and groups to easily share things and work together co-operatively. This forum could have a variety of uses including:

- Giving advice to new groups just starting out
- A place for established coops to advertise for new members
- Space to share resources between groups
- For individuals and groups looking to start something to connect with each other
- A place for established cooperatives to interact with each other
- Skill-sharing
- To share events and opportunities
- Organising space for groups to come together with shared aims
- Furthering the cooperative movement!

At some point in the future, it has the potential to become a wiki page or similar to provide as many useful resources as possible.

This questionnaire is to get an idea of how you could see a network like this working for you. If theres something you think would be useful that we haven't thought of, please let us know!
Would you be interested in being part of an online forum for all things housing co-op based around Edinburgh/Scotland?
Would you be more interested if this were a Scotland wide network?
If the network was Scotland wide, do you know other people outside Edinburgh who would be interested?
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Which of these describes your situation best?
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We have found that there aren't really any platforms for communication for housing co-ops or people wanting to get involved in them. How has your experience been of this? Please tell us a bit more...
How could you see yourself using an online forum for Edinburgh/Scottish based housing co-ops?
Would you be interested in helping moderate an online forum if one was set up?
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Anything to add? Thoughts, ideas and suggestions are welcome!
If you would like to be contacted about the network please leave your email address here. We'll only use it to contact you in relation to this and wont share it with any third party.
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