Clarington Thunder Coach/Trainer Application 2020
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This year, we will continue to consider requests for a trainer tied to a coach. The intention of this is not meant to create the strongest team possible, but rather for coaches and trainers to work together over an extended period to improve their skills. This year's draft will be decided by the executive through a random draw of levelled players. The trainer's child is not guaranteed to be picked if that team would not have been entitled to a player of that level in the draw. For example, if the coach's child and trainer's child were both "B" rated players, but the team would not have received two "B" players in the draw, the trainer's child will not be placed on the team. The CRHL executive reserves the right to deny a request for the purpose of team equity. Will you be applying with a protected coach/trainer? Both individuals must submit an application by the deadline of October 10th in order to be considered. *
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I am aware that the first aim of minor sports is the personal and character development of each individual in my charge. Each participant will be given equal opportunity and consideration in all contests and situations. The actions of any and all coaches and team personnel will demonstrate a good example of character and values. I will become familiar with the rules of the CRHL and agree that any behaviour on my part contrary to the rules and endeavours of the CRHL would forfeit my coaching, training and/or managing privileges. I am also aware that the CRHL has a ZERO TOLERANCE for use of alcohol and/or drugs during any team event including, but not limited to, games and practices. If I breach this, I am aware that my position with the team will be relinquished immediately. Type name below to accept: *
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