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The Cult of Euphoria: INFERNO is a short film workshop that focuses on horror/sci-fi/exploitation/gore (basically all the "Halloween" genres) and it takes place 18.-20.10. in Helsinki.

The Cult of Euphoria: INFERNO is a Kino Kabaret style workshop. It means that we get together on Friday afternoon/evening and anybody with an idea for a short film can come forward and present it. Once all the ideas have been presented, we form groups and start making the films. Next Sunday (two days later) all the films will be screened at their premiere!
Note: In Kino Kabaret, you can do anything, no previous experience is needed to partake <3

The participation fee is:
10 euros for members of Euphoria Borealis ry
15 euros for non-members

We'll send more information on everything to everyone who fills this form <3

In all our events we practice guidelines for safer spaces. Our guidelines can be found here:
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