Area Eligibility Waiver Implementation Form
SFAs/Sponsoring Agencies currently providing meals during unanticipated closure under the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) or as a Closed Enrolled Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) site(s) may request consideration for the Area Eligibility Waiver. This waiver allows SFAs/Sponsoring Agencies in good standing to operate Open SFSP site(s) where all children ages 1 through 18 years can receive free meals during the emergency school closures related to COVID-19.

If you believe the community your SFA/Sponsoring Agency serves has experienced economic hardship and would like to be considered for approval to implement the Area Eligibility Waiver, please provide information below. Each waiver request will be reviewed by the Nebraska Department of Education, Office of Nutrition Services on a case-by-case basis. If approved, the waiver allows SFSP Open site eligibility beginning April 1, 2020.
Name of School or Sponsoring Agency *
Agreement Number (county/district number without dashes; example: 010003; login to the CNP system to locate your agreement number:
Contact person for AE Waiver *
Email address for AE Waiver contact person *
Telephone number for AE Waiver contact person *
Please provide information to demonstrate economic hardship in your local community. Examples of information to support your request could include: names of factory/business closures resulting in furloughs or job loss; delays in unemployment compensation; news media highlighting local business closures; proclamations by county/city officials; lack of local agencies/organizations to provide food (e.g. church, food pantry, food bank, Salvation Army, homeless shelter); information/reports of reduced agriculture income (i.e. lower crop or livestock prices). *
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