Psychology 03: Intro to Psychology
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Based on the transcript for today's video, fill in the following blanks:
The word 'psychology' comes from the Latin for the study of the __________________.
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Psychology is the science of ___________________ .
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______________________ was one of the most tremendously influential and controversial thinkers of his time, maybe of all time.
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William James published his seminal book, The Principles of Psychology, in 1890, defining psychology as the science of ____________________________________.
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A radical kernel of psychoanalysis was the theory that our personalities are shaped by unconscious ____________________.
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By the late 1930s, the Nazis had taken over Austria, and Freud and his Jewish family narrowly escaped to _________________________.
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Multiple Choice - Choose the best possible answer based on the video lecture and transcript.
"Psychology" is the science of:
In 1879, the Structuralist, __________________, tried to understand the structures of consciousness.
Structuralism did not last long as a branch of psychology because:
In 1890, the American, William James created _________________ to study the science of mental life and to answer the questions of why people think and feel.
SIgmund Freud encouraged his patients to talk through _____________ to help them work through their emotional problems.
True or False: Psychoanalysts believe that personalities are shaped by conscious motives.
Sigmund Freud died in 1939 by:
Psychologists who work in the field of Behaviorism study:
Humanist psychologists focus on:
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