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The Global Futurist Initiative is a youth-led social enterprise working to systematically prioritize youth issues in global agendas. Fiscally sponsored by the 501c3 nonprofit InternetBar.Org Institute, our primary efforts are operationalized through collaborations, alignments, and our own signature programs that fall into our three main gears of movement building: evidence, action, and advocacy. 

  • Evidence works to fill gaps on data about the role of youth.
  • Action is centered around our programming that works to aid other organizations and individuals to achieve youth empowerment. 
  • Advocacy is focused on raising awareness about the need to invest in our future with youth through our original symbol and campaign “SDG 18 Youth Equity” that focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals.  

Throughout our work, we realized that we must localize youth elevation to globalize youth prioritization in agendas. As such, we are coming to you, our global youth community, to amplify your voices through our new the Youth Leadership Alliance and Regional Round Tables led by Regional Youth Leads!

Please fill out the survey below to indicate your interest in becoming a Regional Youth Lead as we will review these applications on a rolling basis. If you have any questions, please contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!
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Because all Youth Leadership Alliance activities are conducted virtually, reliable internet access is required for participation. If accepted, do you commit to having reliable internet access? If you foresee having challenges with internet access please make note of that in the 'Other' category.*


Commitment to the Regional Round Table and World Forum:

Our expectation is that all accepted Regional Youth Leaders will virtually attend their Regional Round Table and the World Forum in September 2024.

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