Green Eye Cooperative Ltd. Master Food Preserver Certification
Moncton 2017 Application
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Moncton Market Kitchen Westmorland Street
Location subject to change as required in order to gain familiarity with access to community resources. All session will be in the Greater Moncton Area.
Please note: Because the course is fairly extensive and intensive, any missed class may or is likely to result in a failure to complete the program.
Will you commit to attend classes on Tuesdays 6:00pm to 9:30pm?
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Have you participated in a Community Food Mentor Training?
If yes, When and Where did you participate?
Did you you complete the CFM training?
Do you currently or have you previously had, National Food Safety Certification?
If yes, what is the expiration date?
Do you speak, read, or write another language?
If yes, which language(s) and please describe your skills?
How did you hear about the Master Food Preserver Program?
Do you know any Master Food Preservers or Master Gardeners?
Please describe past experience with home food preservation and number of years, if applicable.
Please describe previous food preservation/food safety training, if applicable.
Would your personal philosophy prevent you from advising others on the recommended health and safety methods to be taught in the Master Food Preserver Program?
Describe previous and present volunteer activities (i.e. school, church, youth, etc.), your role and how many hours you volunteer each month
List group affiliations (civic and professional organizations, garden clubs, community gardens, plant societies, etc.)
List other Interests/Hobbies:
Please describe experience speaking in front of groups, giving educational presentations or teaching.
What teaching/communication experience do you have? Check all that apply and list types of experiences:
If "other" please explain:
Have you ever participated in a ‘speaking’ workshop or organization, like Toastmasters
If accepted into the program, what type of volunteer work would you do to fulfill the Master Food Preserver volunteer commitment?
Why do you want to become a Master Food Preserver?
Please briefly describe your general cooking/food preparation skills.
Do you have any special skills that will help the program?
Please describe your computer skills:
I understand that to be certified as a Master Food Preserver Volunteer I will arrive on time, (classes start promptly) and successfully complete the training program, pass a final examination, and complete a hands on demonstration with evaluation.
If I am selected, I agree to volunteer a minimum of 25 volunteer hours with the Master Food Preserver program in New Brunswick by September 30th 2018.
I agree to submit my volunteer hours and continuing education hours online via the Master Food Preserver Volunteer Management System by September 30th 2018.
As a formal volunteer in the Master Food Preserver Program, I agree to abide by Green Eye Cooperative’s (GEC) policies and the By-Laws.
If I am accepted into the GEC Master Food Preserver Training Program I agree to pay a sum of $500.00 to cover training and material costs.
Annual reappointment is required to retain certification. I agree to an annual fee of approximately $50 which will include Coop membership, and insurance for activities carried out under the GEC Master Food Preserver title.
I acknowledge that the Master Food Preserver title cannot be used for commercial purposes or monetary gain without contributing to the greater good of community, either in the form of donation or promotion and recognition.
Checking YES below indicates that I have read and agree to the conditions of becoming a GEC Master Food Preserver Volunteer. *
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